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Ninja Nation Team

What is the Ninja Nation Team?

The Ninja Nation Team is for members who are interested in Ninja Warrior, skilled and dedicated, and interested in competing at multiple local competitions as well as national level competitions.  The team is intended to be a community-building program encouraging kids and parents to bond, support one another, and grow together with a shared passion for this awesome sport. The team is open for ages 8 through 17. There will be a maximum size of 16 for the team.

When does the team train?

Check your local Arena schedule to see when team training is.  CLICK HERE to select your Ninja Nation location


$65 a month with an Unlimited Access or Open Gym Membership

$85 a month without a membership

Joining the Team

Our Coaching team will host team tryouts every 3 months. Tryouts are open to all members interested in joining the team and are based on specific ninja abilities, and a ninja vocabulary test. Once joining the team, members will not have to try out again for 1 year.  After 6 months, coaches may recommend an evaluation based on competition performance, class attendance, and adherence to 3 E’s.


Being part of the NN team means that you are willing to compete at local and regional events. The team will have a coach at 2 regional comps per quarter. *still need to confirm the # for local comps.  Team kids are required to attend at least 1 regional and 2 local comps per quarter and attend at least 2 classes per week.  Team Coaches will travel to local and regional competitions to provide support, advice, and coaching with advanced notice.


Team benefits - Ninja Nation team members gain the following 

  • Unique Obstacle course training with advanced obstacle techniques every week
  • Two days a week of team training
  • Personalized competition tips and tricks 
  • Coaching team on-site for local competitions



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