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Our Ninja Development Program is designed to help bring out your full potential as a ninja athlete.  It’s for the beginner looking to learn the basics to play and train safely, and for intermediate and seasoned athletes those looking to develop their current skillset and take their abilities to the next level.  We’ve also integrated a unique band progression system, our NextLevel Achievement program, to reward and challenge our members while keeping things fun. With a curriculum designed by the top athletes from American Ninja Warrior™ you are sure to achieve all of your goals in our arenas. Sign up for an introductory class today and see it for yourself!  

Updated Class Curriculum & Addition of Advanced Classes 

New Class Age Groups

  • Junior 5-7
  • Preteen 8-12
  • Teen 13-17
  • Adult 18+

Revamped, High Paced, and Smaller Development Class Series:

Hone your Ninja Technical Skills for all levels

Classes: Static Obstacles, Dynamic Obstacles, Team Ninja, Climbing, Games and Conditioning

New, High Tempo, Fun, Performance Class Series

Think Ninja conditioning for all levels

Classes: Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, and Cardio

New Advanced Class Series - Increased Skill and Harder Progressions
Must be a Red Band or test into these classes – connect with our Arena staff

Ninja Nation Intro Class Descriptions


Introductory Classes
This class covers all the basics that you will need to safely enjoy our obstacle arenas.  This class is meant to be taken once per student as their first class.
Coaches will lead the class on a warm-up, to fully prepare you for trying out a variety of ninja obstacles. Examples of obstacles that could be included in the class are the spider jump, quad steps, rings, or rope swings.  All introductory classes will end with a trip to our famed warped walls, with 3 possible heights to attempt.  Coaches will demo all obstacles for you and spot you as you attempt all the obstacles provided in the class.  
The class ends with a quick cool down stretching session.

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