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Our Ninja Development Program is designed to help bring out your full potential as a ninja athlete.  It’s for the beginner looking to learn the basics to play and train safely, and for intermediate and seasoned athletes those looking to develop their current skillset and take their abilities to the next level.  We’ve also integrated a unique band progression system, our NextLevel Achievement program, to reward and challenge our members while keeping things fun. With a curriculum designed by the top athletes in the sport of Ninja, you are sure to achieve all of your goals in our arenas. Sign up for an introductory class today and see it for yourself!  

Please be sure to bring clean tennis or running shoes to be used in the gym.  No dirty boots, please.

Class Age Groups

  • Junior 5-7
  • Preteen 8-12
  • Teen 13-17
  • Adult 18+


Ninja Nation Development Classes

Our Ninja Nation Development program features a series of 5 main classes.  These classes are designed to learn the skills needed to progress in the sport of Ninja while getting a great workout and having fun at the same time. Each class will feature specific obstacles that are tailored for the class's ages and abilities. Our coaching team works hard to improve our Ninja student’s physical skill as well as building strong mental fortitude.     


Obstacle Flow - Obstacle Flow is a class that will get you on a variety of skill-based obstacles. Learn the best ways to complete these obstacles and how to be efficient moving between multiple obstacles. This program also includes full-body conditioning work at the end of class to maximize results. 


Balance Agility - Balance is a fear of many Ninjas! Here at Ninja Nation, we like to tackle fears head-on. This class works on quick feet, light feet, regaining your balance, and what to focus on before starting a balance obstacle. This program also includes lower body training at the end of class to maximize results. 


Climbing and Grip - Climbing and grip strength are fundamental tools needed to be successful on many Ninja obstacles. This class works on developing climbing skills, finger strength, rope climbing, wall climb ups, and many other skills.  This program also includes upper body training at the end of class to maximize results.  


Skills Challenge - Our Skills class may consist of unique challenges on some of our popular obstacles, team races, and timed events.  Here you can also learn new moves, big swings, and push your mind and body to limits you never thought possible.  This program also includes core training at the end of class to maximize results. 


Advanced Class Series - Increased skill and harder progressions for individuals looking to take their training to the next level.  Must test into these classes – connect with our coaching staff.


The class structure follows the below format: 

  • 8 min warm-up and class overview
  • 30 min technique, drills, challenges 
  • 12 min strength training focus 
  • 5 min stretching/cool down


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