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Classes & Development Program

Our Ninja Development Program is designed to help bring out your full potential as a ninja athlete.  It’s for the beginner looking to learn the basics to play and train safely, and for intermediate and seasoned athletes those looking to develop their current skillset and take their abilities to the next level.  We’ve also integrated a unique band progression system to reward and challenge our members while keeping things fun. With a curriculum designed by the top athletes from American Ninja Warrior™ you are sure to achieve all of your goals in our arenas. Sign up for an introductory class today and see it for yourself!  

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Ninja Nation Class Descriptions


Introductory Classes
This class covers all the basics that you will need to safely enjoy our obstacle arenas.  This class is meant to be taken once per student as their first class.
Coaches will lead the class on a warm-up, to fully prepare you for trying out a variety of ninja obstacles. Examples of obstacles that could be included in the class are the spider jump, quad steps, rings, or rope swings.  All introductory classes will end with a trip to our famed warped walls, with 3 possible heights to attempt.
Coaches will demo all obstacles for you and spot you as you attempt all the obstacles provided in the class.  
The class ends with a quick cool down stretching session.


12 Week Curriculum
Our curriculum is built on a twelve-week cycle meant to be taken in order. The curriculum is progressive, and each class builds upon the last in the sequence. However, students may start in any class.


So You Want to Be a Ninja?
So You Want to Be a Ninja is a fun, fast-paced class that puts you on a variety of ninja obstacles. This class is designed to test a broad range of your ninja abilities, as you attempt agility, upper body, speed and power-based obstacles. It is from this class that coaches will have a detailed idea of the difficulty level you will need in other lessons.


Agility focuses on quick and accurate foot movement. Coaches will lead you through multiple balance obstacles, increasing in difficulty as your balance agility and footwork improve. Learn how to walk on rails, vault, and ways to stay light on your feet. Students will unlock Agility achievements during this class. 


The Art of Falling
The Art of Falling focus on how to safely fall. We all fall and learning to fall safely is a critical skill for all Ninjas. Learn how to safely land jumps both big and small. Learn how to safely roll out of ground-based and higher falls. Students gain incredible confidence from this class, and the knowledge is valuable for all aspects of life.


Can You Hang?
Can You Hang focuses on grip strength and endurance. While hanging sounds simple, it’s a skill many have yet to master. Learn the basics of hanging from bars and work on hanging from various Ninja grips, including ropes, ledges, cannonballs, and more. Students will unlock Upper Body and Endurance achievements during this class.


Fun with Trampolines 
Fun with Trampolines focuses on learning how to jump from trampolines safely. Learn how to jump for distance, height, and how to position yourself to accomplish these and other feats. Students will unlock Power and Speed achievements during this class.


Climbing focuses on learning the basics of rock climbing. Students will learn proper body positioning as well as static and dynamic movements on a rock climbing wall. If students own rock climbing shoes, they are welcome to wear them during this class. Students will unlock Endurance and Power achievements during this class.


Leaps and Bounds
Leaps and Bounds focuses on learning and improving explosive leg power. Students will work on adding power into their jumps focusing on distance and control. Attention will be paid on how to land jumps safely and precisely. Students will unlock Agility and Speed achievements during this class.


Understanding Momentum
Understanding Momentum focuses on how students can generate and use momentum of movement to help them progress along obstacles both horizontally and vertically. Students will unlock Upper Body achievements during this class.


Parkour focuses on moving through a course quickly, efficiently and safely. Students will learn how to link different moves together without expending more energy than is necessary. Students will unlock Agility and Speed achievements during this class.


Put It Together
Put It Together focuses on combining complex obstacle together. The class will spend time on a variety of skills including trampolines, grip, balance and finger strength to name a few. Students will unlock Endurance, Agility and Upper Body achievements during this class.


Course Runs
Course Runs focuses on moving efficiently to complete a full course. Students will spend time on our race course attempting to complete the entire course in one run under a specified time limit. Students will unlock Speed achievements during this class.


Ninja Games
Ninja Games is a class meant to allow students to have fun on the obstacles. Ninja Nation coaches have created a comprehensive list of potential games, meaning no class will be the same!

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