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All Ninja Nation Arenas are not open for Classes at this time.  Texas Arenas will open on June 1st.  Please check the individual location page for more details.

We are looking for more explicit details from the state of Colorado on how we can reopening safely with our whole suite of services.


Our Ninja Development Program is designed to help bring out your full potential as a ninja athlete.  It’s for the beginner looking to learn the basics to play and train safely, and for intermediate and seasoned athletes those looking to develop their current skillset and take their abilities to the next level.  We’ve also integrated a unique band progression system, our NextLevel Achievement program, to reward and challenge our members while keeping things fun. With a curriculum designed by the top athletes in the sport of Ninja, you are sure to achieve all of your goals in our arenas. Sign up for an introductory class today and see it for yourself!  

Please be sure to bring clean tennis or running shoes to be used in the gym.  No dirty boots, please.

Class Age Groups

  • Junior 5-7
  • Preteen 8-12
  • Teen 13-17
  • Adult 18+


Ninja Nation Development Classes- series which includes 6 main classes.  These classes are designed to learn the skills needed to progress in the sport of Ninja, while getting a great workout and having fun at the same time. Each class will feature specific obstacles that are tailored for the class ages and abilities. Our coaching team works hard to improve our Ninja student’s physical skill as well as building strong mental fortitude.

Obstacle Flow
Obstacle Flow is a class that will get you on a variety of skill-based obstacles. Learn the best ways to complete these obstacles and how to be efficient moving between multiple obstacles. This class provides practice on multiple level 2 skills. 

Understanding Momentum
Momentum is a fundamental Ninja skill that helps on nearly every obstacle you will encounter. This class teaches you how to build, stop, slow, and change your momentum on different obstacles. This class provides practice on multiple level 2 skills. 

Climbing Skills
Climbing is a fundamental skill that has proven to be needed on many Ninja obstacles. This class works on your climbing skills, finger strength, rope climbing, climb ups, and many more skills. This class provides practice on multiple level 2 skills. 

Balance and Agility
Balance is a fear of many Ninjas! Here at Ninja Nation we like to tackle fears head-on. This class works on quick feet, light feet, regaining your balance, and what to focus on before starting a balance obstacle. This class provides practice on multiple level 2 skills. 

Conditioning is skill that immediately sets you apart from other Ninjas. If you want to see quick results and increase your abilities, you need to take this class. Every Ninja gets worn down and tired, let us teach you the skills needed to push through to the next level! This class provides practice on multiple level 2 skills. 

Climb the leader-boards, get to the next band level, learn a new skill! All things done in the Achievement class. Coaches will pick fun achievements from our NextLevel program and lead the class through them. 


Ninja Nation Performance Classes- 4 different classes that focus on performance.  These classes are designed to condition ninjas for taking on obstacle after obstacle. These classes are focused on gaining the endurance and physical strength to complete obstacles. Get ready to get strong and become more efficient on all obstacles.


Core - The core course will focus on calisthenics exercises that will strengthen your mind-body and give you more control in obstacles requiring balance and stability or power and momentum.

Lower Body - The lower body course will focus on calisthenics exercises that will increase your leg power and explosiveness to help you accomplish obstacles such as the steps, balance obstacles and the warped wall!

Upper Body - The upper body course will focus on calisthenics exercises that will increase your upper body explosiveness and grip strength and endurance to help you accomplish hanging obstacles, climbing obstacles and the salmon ladder! 

Advanced Class Series - Increased Skill and Harder Progressions
Must be a Red Band or test into these classes – connect with our Arena staff

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