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Ninja Nation Founder, Wayne Cavanaugh addressing the crowd at the Grand Opening of our Lafayette, CO Arena

Our Goal: One Million Heroes

One Million Heroes

Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, and engaging space where everyone can be a hero.


Engagement – Dedicating our full attention to the experience of our participants, team and spectators

Encouragement – Support and inspire others to achieve

Energy – Supplying enthusiasm, positive motivation and forward-thinking action to everyone

Heroes – Create over one million heroes as participants in our development program


Out of this mission, our goal is to create over one million heroes. That’s one million kids and adults pushing their minds and bodies to limits they never thought possible.

Do you want to be the strongest, most fit, fastest and confident you have ever been? We want you to be too and that’s why we launched Ninja Nation. We are launching the best-equipped obstacle course facilities nationwide to provide exceptional coaching, confidence-boosting encouragement, off the charts energy and unmatched fun.

And Ninja Nation is more than just awesome facilities – it’s a community of kids, adults, and parents encouraging one another, pushing their limits together and enjoying the friendships formed through dedication, hard work and positive energy.

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