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Ninja Nation Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties are an awesome way to enjoy the Ninja Nation experience. At our Arenas, our birthday parties are a fun, safe way for kids to try out our ninja challenges while celebrating their special day. We strive to make your child’s birthday experience the best birthday party ever. 

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"The expressions on my son's face was priceless...I will never forget it..thanks Ninja Nation" - Kacy

Ninja Birthday Party

A 75-minute arena floor experience led by a trained Ninja Nation party host, followed by 30-minutes in our open party area for food, drink, and celebration.  Our open party area features RFID bands with video highlight replays from your child’s party experience.  BOOK TODAY - CLICK HERE or call us 720-603-9155

The Best Birthday Party Ever!

  • 1hr 45min Ninja Party
  • Party Host
  • Party Table
  • Up to 15 Children
  • Ninja Nation RFID Bands
  • $375


  • Pizza & Drinks - $5/child
  • Ninja Nation Goodie Bag - $5/child
  • Additional children - $15/child
  • Private Room - $75

VIP Ninja Package

Includes the Standard Ninja Package PLUS a private party room, pre-filled Ninja Nation goodie bags (Free Intro Class, Ninja Nation trading card, stickers, temporary tattoo, pencil and other goodies), pizza, and drinks. BOOK TODAY - CLICK HERE or call us (720) 603-9155

  • 1hr 45min Ninja Party
  • Party Host
  • Private Party Room
  • Up to 15 Children
  • Ninja Nation RFID Bands
  • Pizza + Drinks Included
  • Goodie Bags Included
  • $525


Additional children - $25/child

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