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Reopening Monday, June 1st, 2020

Ninja Nation Frisco, TX - Reopening Monday, June 1st  Important Reopening Information

COVID19 Policies & Procedures
For the past several months we have been planning out how to responsibly reopen and here are the details on our updated policies and procedures - CLICK HERE

Summer Care
We are providing weekly summer care for your children 5-12 years old from 9 am to 3 pm every day with extended care options.  Learn More - CLICK HERE

We will be allowing families to open their memberships back up starting June 1st.  Please let our front desk staff know that you want to get your membership started again. Please call to activate your membership -  (214) 937-4942

Memberships will stay on hold until Ninja Nation is notified to restart membership.

Limited Classes
Ninjas are ready to get back to skills training and we are bringing classes back.  Phase 1 will only be a few classes with limited kids so sign up online ahead of time on the day of. 

Limited class offerings to start

  • 1 Junior class from 4-5 pm Mon- Thurs
  • 1 Preteen class from 5-6 pm Mon-Thurs

Limit classes to 8 per class

  • You must preregister and we won't schedule those in MBO until the morning of to prevent people from monopolizing the classes 
  • Parents would be asked to stay in their cars

Limited Open Gym
We are so excited to bring an open gym back to Ninja Nation now that summer is here.  Please know that spaces are limited and it is recommended to sign up for a time block before coming in.

Open Gym will be limited to 10 people per 30 minutes.

  • Preregistration for an open gym is strongly encouraged to ensure you have a spot once you arrive!

Open gym will be offered during the following times:

  • M-Th 10 am-6 pm
  • Fri 10am-4pm
  • Sat/Sun 10am-4pm    

Limited Birthday Parties
We are ready to get the parties started again!  We are taking safety precautions in limiting the number of parties and kids in parties to make sure we are following distancing guidelines to have a safe and fun celebration.  Please call or email us to book or rebook a party -  (214) 937-4942

  • We are limiting the number of birthday parties we offer to one party starting every hour.
  • Parties will be held with start times between 10 am to 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays only.  
  • Parties will be limited to our standard party option of 16 total participants
  • Parents of guests will be asked to wait outside of the arena to minimize traffic within the arena.

Ninja Nation Team
Texas Ninja League finals are approaching and we want our ninjas to start training again so we are moving to do 1 practice a week on Wednesday evenings from 6 pm -8 pm.  Team fees will start back up June 1st.

We will be adding COVID-19 information to our waivers so please be patient as all guests will need to sign a new waiver before getting back on the arena floor. 


Frisco, Texas

Ninja Nation Frisco, TX



best birthday party places in colorado, denver, dallas and texas

Best Birthday Party Place in Dallas

We are super excited to be named one of the best places to have a birthday party for kids in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area -

Ninja Nation Frisco - Reviews

I honestly can't say enough about this place. We signed up 2 weeks ago for the homeschool class, and both my kids love it. There is nothing better than seeing them come out red faced and sweating after an hour of non-stop physical activity absolutely dying to return the next week! It is also great to see them push themselves in areas that I never thought they would even try! On another note, the coaches are incredible. Truly. They love their job, and it definitely shows. They are encouraging, motivating, and work with the kids on correctly doing the skills instead of just brushing them off and saying good job when improvement in an area is needed. This is a problem we have noticed in other programs we have attended before. Best class they have ever taken........HANDS DOWN! - Amber R.

I can’t believe there is a place like this! Makes a man/woman feel like a kid again! Kids can burn energy FOR DAYS! Great facility and even better staff. Bringing the whole family next time. I am a fan. Highly recommended. - Josh G.

We had a blast celebrating Mason’s Birthday at Ninja Nation! - Angela M.

 The best place to go, obstacles for all ages and skill set. really great staff and coaches - Ezequel D.

We had my daughters 10th birthday party here yesterday. It was such an amazing experience for both the girls and the adults. Thank you so much for making my baby girls birthday party so much fun for her. Our host was great and loved how coordinated everything was. - Patricia R.

Fantastic facility. We got signed up today and can’t wait to start. Super polite and helpful staff. - Chuck B.

I can’t believe there is a place like this! Makes a man/woman feel like a kid again! Kids can burn energy FOR DAYS! Great facility and even better staff. Bringing the whole family next time. I am a fan. Highly recommended. - James G.

We were blessed to be a part of the very 1st day through a birthday party. I was astonished that it was the first day. The staff was clearly well directed on their positions, authority and most importantly their ability to encourage even the tiniest of participants. The atmosphere felt like you were on the sidelines of a filming of Ninja Warrior itself. My heart raced wildly every time one of the children OR adults made even the slightest of an attempt to accomplish something that was clearly not their strength. Not only do I recommend this for any occasion, but specifically for corporate training. I can see a special team building opportunity that is vital to the retention of a corporation. Well done! Human capital was clearly the major investment and well worth it. - Elizabeth G.

This place is a one of a kind, a complete state of the art ninja warrior facility perfect for both kids and adult looking to get a complete American Ninja Warrior experience. - Trevor P.

First class Ninja Gym! They have all the obstacles you need for training. - Mike D.

We LOVE Ninja Nation! Wonderful staff and facility. We have been huge fans of American Ninja Warriors since the first season. My boys were star struck when they first met Karsten Williams a few years ago at a competition when they spotted him and asked for a picture with him. Little did we know that a few years later he'd be coach Karsten. Nothing but positive vibes and encouragement here. We're glad to be part of the team. - Kimmie V.

I took my 8 year old son here yesterday during open gym. This is by far the best "ninja" gym I have ever seen. It's definitely a big step up from those trampoline parks that have a few ninja obstacles. The variety of obstacles was good so that some were easy, some were moderately difficult and some were extremely difficult. The look of the gym is just like the show which my son thought was awesome. They have a side by side track that I raced my son on which was a ton of fun (he beat me). Finally, the staff here was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They were always willing to help and offer tips. Karsten Williams even took a picture with my son which was the icing on the cake. Ninja Nation really nailed it with this gym. We will definitely be back - Matt H.

Had the best birthday event here--- for a group of adults! Hands-down, one of the most fun birthdays and group events and there is absolutely no age cap on the level of enjoyment this place provides. JB did an incredible job hosting the party and even jumped in on the celebration (running the Ninja course in a unicorn onezie, just like all the party participants!) The staff was incredibly accommodating and attentive, making the party memorable and unique and everyone commented how it was one of the best birthday parties they'd been to-- young and old alike! If you're looking to do something fun and different, not just for kids, I highly recommend this place for an event. - Madi R.

Great place for a kids party, staff made sure the kids stayed entertained. Highly recommended. - Robert C.

We came here for a friends birthday party and it was a blast! The courses are a lot of fun, but the staff went above and beyond to make sure that everyone had fun and stayed safe. - Keystone C.

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