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Ninja Nation Centennial Schedule

Ninja Nation Lafayette, CO

3:00pm-9:00pm Monday - Friday 
10:00am-8:00pm Saturday and Sunday 
Open Gym will be going on the entire time we are open with the exception of special events/competitions. 

Open Gym for kids ages 5+ 


Updated Class Curriculum & Addition of Advanced Classes 

We have received a lot of great feedback about our classes over the past couple of months and we have made some updates and improvements to our class curriculum, including revised age groupings, smaller class sizes, high tempo performance classes, and enhanced/advanced development classes. 

We will start the new classes on Tuesday, September 4th, 2018 

New Class Age Groups

Junior 5-7

Preteen 8-12

Teen 13-17

Adult 18+

Revamped, High Paced, and Smaller Development Class Series - Hone your Ninja Technical Skills for all levels

Classes: Static Obstacles, Dynamic Obstacles, Team Ninja, Climbing, Games and Conditioning

New, High Tempo, Fun, Performance Class Series

Think Ninja conditioning for all levels

Classes: Upper Body, Lower Body, Core, and Cardio

New Advanced Class Series - Increased Skill and Harder Progressions
Must be a Red Band or test into these classes – connect with our Arena staff

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