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Arenas Closed

All Ninja Nation Arenas are not open for Open Gym at this time.  Texas Arenas will open on June 1st for Open Gym.

We are looking for more explicit details from the state of Colorado on how we can reopening safely with our whole suite of services.




Open Gym 1hr Pass (Ages 5+) - $17

Open Gym 2hr Pass (Ages 5+) - $25

Open Gym All Day Pass (Ages 5+) - $30


Open Gym sessions start every half hour.  You don't need a reservation for Open Gym but you can guarantee your spot if you would like, find your location Ninja Nation - CLICK HERE

No school days - We typically open at 10 am if the home district for the Arena doesn't have school.  Google our location for up-to-date hours.



Open Gym contains no formal instruction. Come on in and work on the skills and obstacles of your choice.  Grab a Coach or Arena host and work on passing NextLevel Achievements.

Boots & Shoes - Please be sure to bring clean tennis or running shoes to be used in the gym.  No dirty boots and no dirty shoes, please.  Only children ages 5 and up are allowed on the arena floor.

Note: Open Gym will be open while classes and birthday parties are happening, the class and/or hosted parties will have priority on the obstacles and Open Gym participants will need to work on other obstacles

During our monthly competitions, there will be no Open Gym time.  Our competition schedule is listed on our competition page - CLICK HERE

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