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Ninja Nation Frequently Asked Questions


Birthday FAQs

How far out should I book my child's birthday party?

We recommend a minimum of 4 weeks for the best chance of getting the desired weekend date and time.


Do you offer birthday parties during the week?

It is something we are looking into but not at this time.


How do I book a birthday party?

We have two great options for booking a party.  You can call us at the Arena - Click Locations to book online.


Membership & Class FAQs

Who is considered "family" with your new family memberships?

Parents and kids, immediate family.


Do you have classes for my 2 and 4 year-olds?

We do not, our classes start at age 5


What exactly is "Open Gym"?

Open gym is a non-instructional time for students to practice whatever they want. To be creative and push each other and have a lot of fun. Coaches are there for spotting and safety, maybe throwing in some helpful tips, and moving around with the students.


Do you have to be a member to attend an open gym, or can non-members show up to try out the gym (provided they have a waiver)?

You can always drop in to open gym or classes without being a member.  $25 for open-gym and $30 for classes.  


How do I redeem my "Free Intro Class" card?

Check out our class schedule for the location that you would like to use your "free intro class" promo code.  Sign up for a Ninja Nation account, select the desired intro class time and enter the promo code at check out.  Please note that the code is one-time use only and that it is only valid for our Intro Class.


How long is each class?

Each class is 1 hour.  


How do I enroll in the RFID band and achievement points program?

The RFID technology and achievement points are key features of our membership.  Sign up for a membership and you will unlock access to our membership portal.


Do I have to create an account in order to book a class?



Do you have an app for scheduling classes?

Not at this time


If I sign my child up for the 2 classes a month do we sign up for a specific recurring time?

Not at this time, you will need to register for each class you would like to take in advance, however, you can register as far in advance as our schedule is available and make any changes as necessary.


Do I have to book "Open-Gym" online or can I just show up?

Our open gyms are listed on our class schedule in MindBody (our scheduling software), but you do not need to pre-register for them.  Just show up ready to have fun.


Do you offer mid-day programs for homeschool children during the week?

It is something we are working on building a curriculum for, but not at this time.


Will you be hosting competitions? When?

Yes, we will be hosting competitions. Our in-house competitions will be held the last Sunday of every month starting the month of August. Additional competitions on a regional and national level will be held a couple of times a year and will be announced several months prior to their date.


Do you offer military or student discounts?  

We do not offer these types of discounts. 


Are you able to deliver your Ninja Nation Mobile course to a park?

Yes, we would love to!  


Have a question that isn't listed here.  Please email us - - we are always updating our FAQs with the latest and greatest questions.

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