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We are creating Millions of Ninja Nation Heroes across the country!

Setting ourselves apart in an emerging market sector. Ninja Nation answers the call for family entertainment and fitness by melding the attractive elements of other popular centers and gyms.  We have combed it all under one roof where participants and members can play, train and compete.

Our membership-based model has the feel of a gym, the fun of a family entertainment center, with a range of revenue-generating options: from open gym sessions to world-class birthday parties, field trips, camps, workshops, team building sessions, adult fitness classes and more.  In addition, our mobile obstacle course gives you a sales, revenue and marketing opportunity while your Arena is being designed and built. 

Ninja Nation is no ordinary obstacle course franchise

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We are an extraordinary group of experienced, determined individuals making our mark on an aggressively growing industry.

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Compelling Industry Growth - Ninja Nation

Compelling Industry Growth

Be part of the growing $19 billion family fun center industry with a concept that leverages the increasing popularity of obstacle course racing.

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Family fun entertainment centers are part of a $19 billion industry experiencing annual growth (ref) -- due to growing disposable income and consumer confidence levels, and a willingness to spend a greater amount on leisure activities (ref).


The gym and fitness franchise industry is a growing $4 billion industry in the U.S. -- with growing membership levels and a more health-conscious population. (ref)


Sixty-seven percent of parents said they spent more than $100 on their child’s birthday party and nearly a quarter said they spent over $300 (ref) -- and this is on the event alone, not including presents. Family entertainment centers remain a hugely popular choice for these events, and birthday parties will be a fun way to build revenue and customer awareness.


The popularity of obstacle course racing has made many health club operators sit up and take notice; it’s movement that is as much a social movement as a physical one. (ref) Obstacle course training is also sought out by Parkour enthusiasts and outdoor OCR or Obstacle Course Racing trainees, both sports that have become extremely popular in recent years. (ref) With both a brick-and-mortar gym location and a mobile option, you can meet consumer demand for these fun challenges!


A Ninja Nation arena leverages all of these industry trends and more. Our model truly stands out in an industry where consumers desire a better option with a variety of activities for the entire family in one location.

Meet consumer demand

With both a brick-and-mortar arena location plus a mobile obstacle course option, you can meet consumer demand!  $1.177M AUV

And you can do it with confidence, backed by tools and support that will help your obstacle course franchise thrive.

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