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Are you looking to book the ULTIMATE field trip for your school?  Ninja Nation has you covered.  We offer a one-of-a-kind field trip experience with 2hrs of coached time, mini-games, competitions and challenges.  Have fun with your whole class at Ninja Nation.  Find your Ninja Nation location - CLICK HERE

  • Coached or Non-Coached Format
  • Coached - $20/participant ($500 minimum)
  • Non-Coached - $15/participant ($375 minimum)
  • Pizza option - $5/participant



School Field Trip Reviews

Ninja Nation is a fun place for all people not just adults or just kids. It is also has a lot of fun activities. You can go just to have fun or to get a good workout class as well. Ninja Nation is fun to get fit or just have some fun. Open gym is when you can use all of the equipment - Chase, Age 10


OH MY GOSH!!! I love Ninja Nation. I'll give that place 10 stars! They got rock walls, airbags, warp walls, and last of all, obstacle courses! ALL the coaches were AWSOME!!! #1 The courses were challenging, and that's the fun part. No other place could beat Ninja Nation and their coaches!! I LOVE NINJA NATION!!!!!! - Connor, Age 11


Ninja Nation it helps your mind getting focus and your body more stronger by doing more and more activities like doing the warp wall the coach Ms. Lars was telling us safe things like sliding down if it was like a push up. After the warp wall there is the obstacle course race and when we are half way down the coach sends another person to do the race and we did the five times and there was the race obstacle course we were sort of racing but it was mostly for fun after racing you start all over again. The last course was a zip line and there is two big air bags attached together there is a other side were you can jump and do some tricks. That is why you should go to Ninja Nation because it has fun activities. -Damaris, Age 11


You should go to Ninja Nation because it has lot of fun activities. For example the warp wall and coach Lars helped me get up the 10 and 12 feet wall and coach Lightning help us do the race cores. There was a big air bag that you can jump on and after your done with all the things you can do free gym. There were monkey bars there were swing bars and you can even have birthday party´s and there are TV in the party rooms and there so much stuff you can do there is you go you will have the best time. Its so awesome you should go there in your free time and weekends. -Dayelyn, Age 12


Ninja Nation has good coaches there they also had fun and hard activities there too. The coaches there was awesome they first taught us how to do the obstacle course then we did it. Coach Lighting he does the race course, Coach Lars does the zip line, Coach Lucas does the internal course on that course there is a trampoline. How it benefits my body and mind is it made me feel calm. Things I can learn about myself is I don't give up. You should go to Ninja Nation. -Denishio, Age 12


Ninja Nation was the best. Most importantly the best fitness and exercise area. Ninja Nation was the best place because the Warp wall, Obstacle course and Spider Wall were the most challenging and it made everyone strong and healthy. And the Coaches were VERY VERY encouraging and helped me get up the 10 foot wall. -Hailey, Age 11


Ninja Nation was the best because you could get fit and try more. It's also the best because there are four people there and they teach you and the prevent you from not getting hurt. I also liked it because at the warp wall they coach was really respectful. It was the best day of my life! hope you enjoy the trip to Ninja Nation! -Iris, Age 12


You should go to Ninja Nation because it is a great way to exercise.  All of the coaches help to motivate you with the things that changelings you.  I hope that you go to Ninja Nation it is a lot of fan in one day. Ninja have fun. - Khadira, Age 11


I think Ninja Nation is amazing and you should visit! One reason why you should visit is their coaches are so rad and supporting. For example, coach Lightning help me with the monkey bars and cheered me on. Another reason why Ninja Nation is so cool because the obstacles were so much fun! For example, the warp wall really pushes your confidence up and was so fun! My final reason why it is fun and you should visit is you can do so many tricks and all the obstacles are open so you can do any one you want. For example, they let you do flips and you can do anything only if your safe. All in all you should definitely visit Ninja Nation. - Kenley, Age 12


You should visit Ninja Nation because you can do stations like Warped wall, obstacle course and more. There are also great coaches like coach lightning, coach Lucas, and other great coaches! that´s why you should visit! - Marcus, Age 11


Why you should go to Ninja Nation is because the coaches there is amazing and really kind! For example, when you need help on the warp wall coach Lars could help you and cheer for you like he did for me. You could also do fun activities like the race station. It is also good for you because it moves your body and changes your mood. And it could also help you because the stations that is hard for you, then you would know what to work on and what you do not need to work on. If you want to exercise Ninja Nation is for you. - Misheel, Age 10


I think Ninja Nation is one of the most coolest places in the world! They have super rad coaches and AWESOME challenges. All the coaches would encourage you to do something and help you. For example, Coach Lightning helped me on the race course. Coach Lar helped me on the warp wall. It´s a wall where you have to run up to, to get to the top. Some of the activities are zip lining, the interior obstacle course, the blue cheese, the jumping and landing on the giant blow-up mattress that has air in it. Ninja Nation is like the COOLEST place. And I think that you should visit there. - Enerel, Age 11


In my opinion, you should go to Ninja Nation I would give it a 5 out of 5 for being so fun and so cool. One reason is that some of the trainers were on American Ninja Warrior also they have a cool warped wall and finally they have an awesome race course. All and all you should go to Ninja Nation.- Nia, Age 12


You should go to Ninja Nation its a great place for you and your family to go like coach lightning is nice he will help you with the race cores and they help you to do something you really want to do they help you coach Lars will help you with the wrap wall he will encourage you to try and help you with the wall coach Lucas will help you with the obstacle corse he will encourage you to do the race and coach Ryan helps you zip line and fall on the air bag. now you no you should go to Ninja Nation. -Rebekah, Age 12


I think Ninja Nation is one of the BEST places in Colorado!!! You should FOR SURE go there. There are great coaches that help us get healthier and stronger. For example, coach Lightning, coach Ryan, coach Lucas, and coach Lars made sure I was safe. Coach Lars made sure I came down safely on the warp wall. Also coach Lightning kept on encouraging me on the race obstacle. Coach Ryan made me be really healthy and stronger on the zip line. Coach Lucas was making us stronger in the interior obstacle and he was making us know that we can't give up. One of my favorite activities is the warp wall because it made me know I can't give up to go up there. Ninja Nation benefits my body because it makes me become stronger. It benefits my mind because it makes me know that I can do anything only if I try. Those are the reasons why Ninja Nation is one of the best places in Colorado!!!- Retaj, Age 11


I would rate this amazing fun palace 5 stars because of how much exercise you can get from it. The Coaches are very supportive and the best challenge of all the others is the giant airbag. You have to climb on a obstacle and then fall off. There is also a huge zip line that can go really far and then it makes you fall off. There is also a small zip line in the racing challenge. -Selah, Age 10


Ninja Nation is the most fun place ever. the amazingly awesome coaches to the exiting and challenging (for the mind and body)activities, the warp wall where you try to climb a 8 ft, 10 ft 12 ft and a 14-foot wall. there is also a rock climbing wall and an air bag were there are tons of stuff on it and if you fall a giant air bad will catch you. There’s an obstacle course and a race course to try and get across. All in all I loved Ninja Nation and it was and is the most fun place ever. -Talia, Age 12


Ziven, Age 10. I would give Ninja Nation a five-star review. Ninja Nation is an incredible place with lots of obstacles and courses you can run. They also have a big airbag that you can jump off of and land safely. Also over that airbag, there is a zip line. They have a warped wall. The best coaches are Coach Lightning, Coach Lucas, Coach Ryan, and Coach Lars. There are four warped walls, 8 feet, 10 feet 12 feet and 14 feet. They also have many features like a rock wall, obstacle course and also buzzers at the top of the warped wall. When the buzzer go off, smoke and lights come out. They also have many trampolines. Also a spider wall. A spider wall is where you jump on a trampoline and there is two walls next to you and you have to put your feet on the two walls and balance and walk across the who thing. They also have a salmon bar. A salmon bar is a bar that you have to move around these pegs. That is why you should go to Ninja Nation. -Ziven, Age 12

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