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Ninja Nation Development Classes



Ninja Nation Development Classes- series which includes 6 main classes plus our Family Class.  These classes are designed to learn the skills needed to be a Ninja Warrior, while getting a great workout and having fun at the same time. Each class will feature specific obstacles that are tailored for the class ages and abilities. Our coaching team works hard to improve our Ninja student’s physical skill as well as building strong mental fortitude.


Static Obstacles - In Static Obstacles, students will train on a mix of stationary upper and lower body obstacles learning to gain body control and move efficiently. Obstacles may include the Spider Jump, Bungee Row, Quad Steps and Strides to name a few.

Dynamic Obstacles - In Dynamic Obstacles, students will train on a mix of moving upper and lower body obstacles learning to gain control and stability as well move efficiently through the obstacles. Obstacles may include the Ziplines, Trapeze, Spinning Balance Obstacles and Bars, among others.

Climbing Skills - In Climbing, students will learn to use hands and feet to climb different types of obstacles you may see on a course. Obstacles may include rope climbs, salmon ladder, rock wall and the warped wall.

Team Ninja - In Team Ninja, students will put their skills and cardio endurance to the test racing down and back in teams along with a unique and ever-changing obstacle course.

Ninja Games - In Games, students will use their skills to play collaborative or competitive games on the floor. This can include balance games, precision games, or timed games on courses.

Achievements – In Achievements, students will focus on some of the challenging achievements in our NextLevel points program to help gain and maximize their points and help them band-up to the Next Level!

Family – This class is designed to appeal to all members of your family ages 5 and up. A fun way to experience Ninja obstacles as a whole family with structured coaching.

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