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Day Play

Day Play (formally known as Open Play) is Ninja Nation's daytime program that runs on days where school is off for children in the home district that the gym is located in.  Summer Break, Fall Break, Winter Break, Thanksgiving Break, Spring Breaks, Teacher Work Days, etc.  Day Play is a different program and experience than Open Gym.  It is similar to an unstructured day camp primarily staffed by our Arena Hosts and fewer coaches.

Boots & Shoes - Please be sure to bring clean tennis or running shoes to be used in the gym.  No dirty boots and no dirty shoes, please.

NOTE: We start Day Play sessions every half hour. 


Day Play Schedule

Ninja Nation - Centennial, CO - Douglas County School District 


Tuesday, November 6th
Friday, November 9th
Monday, November 19th - Wednesday, November 21st

Friday, November 23rd 


Ninja Nation - Lafayette, CO - Boulder Valley School District

Monday, November 12th
Monday, November 19-21
CLOSED - Friday, November 23rd


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