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Ninja Boot Camp

H.E.R.O Training - High Energy Resistance & Obstacle


Ninja Boot Camp is the ultimate Boot Camp at the ultimate Ninja playground. Unlike Crossfit, Orange Theory, Les Mills, or any other boot camp style workout, Ninja HERO training combines all optimal fitness modalities into one experience.  By participating in this program, you will build the functional/core strength of a gymnast, the agility of a parkour athlete, and the strength of a rock climber along with garnering the conditioning of a H.I.I.T style workout. By combining all these strengths and skills, you will become stronger and more balanced athlete and ready for anything.

Furthermore, Ninja H.E.R.O Boot Camp is designed for all levels of fitness and fitness goals. Every workout offers at least 3 to 5 different levels of engagement. Whether you are a beginner who is newer to Boot Camp or a seasoned exercise enthusiast looking to advance your skills, strength and conditioning, Ninja H.E.R.O Boot Camp is the perfect place for you. In the spirit of being a part of the Ninja community, you will be encouraged by others wherever you are at on your journey.  We will work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

Try out your first class for FREE.  Use promo code HEROCAMP at check out.


Ninja Nation - Frisco, TX

- Included in class packs & unlimited access membership

- Drop in rate - $15

- Monthly Pass - $99

Tuesdays & Thursdays - 9:30am

Saturday - 9am



Ninja Nation - Centennial, CO

- Included in class packs & unlimited access membership

- Drop in rate - $20

- 5 Boot Camp Punch Pass - $90

- 10 Boot Camp Punch Pass - $170

Monday - Friday - 6am and 9am







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