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Temporary Arena Closings

Dear Ninja Nation,
After further weighing the impact on our employees and customers of closing our doors temporarily against the positive impact we’re continually seeking to have on our community, I have decided to suspend all services of Ninja Nation arenas effective immediately for an indefinite period of time.  We will be following local state guidelines for our closure and will reopen when we are allowed to do so.
While dramatically limiting our services served as a first step in trying to be a positive contributor to fighting the spread of this disease is a positive step, I think we need to make a huge leap as a society, business community and government to just shut down all non-essential services for at least two weeks to dramatically alter the course of the spread of this disease.  That is a conclusion that I have drawn based upon my own research and I know it will not be the universal choice of all of you that we serve.  There is no clear right answer for many small businesses at this time, especially those that provide consumer-facing services like those of Ninja Nation.
Ninja Nation suspending its arena operations is just a small contribution to a much needed larger effort by all consumer businesses but the impact it will have on our employees and business is a major event for us.  We appreciate your ongoing support of Ninja Nation through this difficult time and we very much look forward to the opportunity to serve you again at the conclusion of this crisis.
As always, wishing you and your family good health in the weeks to come.


Wayne Cavanaugh
Founder & CEO
Ninja Nation

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