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NextLevel RFID Band Technology

Ninja Nation uses an RFID wristband system to track progress for members. Wristbands are based on achievement points, and as you gain more points, you are rewarded with higher level wristbands. All Ninjas start with a white wristband after completing an introductory class. It is mandatory for all members to wear their wristbands when attending a class, open gym or open play.  Once you complete an obstacle or a challenge, find a coach, show them you can complete the challenge and then they will unlock the achievement and the badge will show up in your NextLevel account.


Throughout the facility, there are readers, cameras, and timers that are used to enhance your experience as a ninja participant. Look for the icon on the obstacle descriptions to see if the video technology has been incorporated.


Scan Your Wrist Band at a reader station

Watch the replay on the big screens

Share Videos & Unlock Achievements

Login to the NextLevel Portal at

The first screen you will see will be your dashboard with your achievements, points, and videos

Download and share your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Etc.


Are you ready to climb the leaderboards? Ninja Nation offers an achievement system where you are rewarded with points for completing obstacles. The harder the obstacle or challenge, the more points you can earn. Our team of Ninjas has created hundreds of achievements for you to complete. You can keep track of all of your achievements when logged into your account on our website. New achievements are added all the time to continue to challenge every ninja!


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