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Ninja Nation's NextLevel Program





Ninja Nation uses an RFID wristband system to track progress for members. Wristbands are based on Ninja achievement points called "Ninja Points", and as you gain more points, you are rewarded with higher level and different color wristbands.  It is highly recommended for all members to wear their wristbands when attending a class & open gym to ensure all points can be awarded.  Find a coach, show them you can complete the challenge and then they will unlock the achievement and the badge will show up in your NextLevel account.




NextLevel Portal

The first screen you will see will be your dashboard. Here you can see your Band level, points to your next band, Ninja points, Hero points, and your recently unlocked achievements! Ninja Points are used to calculate your current Band level.



Ninja Nation offers an achievement system where you are rewarded with points for completing obstacles. The harder the obstacle or challenge, the more points you can earn. Our team of Ninjas has created hundreds of achievements for you to complete. Clicking on your Achievements brings you to a list of all possible achievements. Here you can see your unlocked achievements, but also find new achievements to unlock! Achievements that have been unlocked are shown in white, while new and locked Achievements are gray. New achievements are added all the time!


NEW - Hero Points

Ninja Nation is excited to launch our Hero Points program. With Hero Points, you can unlock each achievement multiple times and gain as many points as you want. Go ahead and run the warped wall 100 times, that would be 25,000 points if you were doing the 14’ Wall!!

How many points can YOU get?


NextLevel Achievement Videos

We have a whole YouTube playlist with our coaches demonstrating some of the achievements on our NextLevel platform


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